School Readiness

stick drawing kids white - School Readiness

30712334 966057740219634 2911703657974680631 n 300x225 - School ReadinessWhat does School Readiness mean?

  • Healthy, well-nourished children
  • Children who are supported by positive relationships
  • Children who feel valued, belong and children who belong are highly motivated engaged learners
  • Children to be supported through change
  • Children to have social and emotional security
  • Children to have independence
  • Children to have skills for learning – persistence, curiosity, problem solving, engagement, building on ones strengths and ideas

Our school readiness program is embedded in everyday activities throughout Cessnock Multipurpose Children’s Centre and across all of our services. We support every child to develop as an individual, equipped for lifelong learning and emotionally ready for their next transition. Children who engage in such quality play experiences are more likely to have well developed memory skills, language development and are able to regulate their behaviour, leading to enhanced school adjustment and academic learning.

Our expert educators create partnerships with children, families and friends, support services and the local schools.

Participation in high quality early child care and education programs contributes positively to children’s development during the early years and therefore to their school readiness

(Boethel, 2004).