Nulkaba Educational Preschool

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Preparing your Child for School

All of our centres operate above the minimum ratios required with the expert educators continually providing Best Practice outcomes! Each centre has

  • Flexible learning environment supports and enhances children centred learning where learners can move around freely and work where and how they feel best suits them.
  • Daily programmed activities based upon the children’s interests with scaffold learning. Daily activity programme plans which are displayed in each room. We encourage parents, guardians and families to view this program and add to if they would like
  • An individual portfolio is kept for each child documenting their individual learning journey within the centre and the community
  • Early Learning Years Framework based curriculum which promotes belonging, being and becoming. My Time Our Place Framework for School Aged Children.
  • Centre’s operate indoor / outdoor programmes which allows children choice and to be active participants in their own learning journeys.

Is uniquely placed directly opposite Nulkaba Primary School. Nulkaba Preschool is a 29-place centre operating an indoor / outdoor play based programme for children the year before school. Expert educators encourage the children are confident, involved learners and are active participants in their learning journeys settlining them up for successful transition to school.

Find us at: 9 Ivanhoe St Nulkaba NSW 2325

Nulkaba Preschool

9 Ivanhoe St
Nulkaba NSW 2325