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Management Team

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Business Operations Manager

Paul Turner
Diploma in Management
Person with Management or Control
Approved Provider – Representative to the Board

Date Joined: 2017

Paul is instrumental in providing support to the Administration, Management, Catering, Cleaning, Maintenance and Expert Educator Teams in ensuring all the outcomes are working at Best Practice. All the Teams keep him continually busy with their new ideas for innovative projects. In Paul’s spare time you will often find him playing with the Tonka Trucks or trying to work through the never-ending to-do list – The team just keep adding more projects!

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Director – Dudley Street and Nulkaba Educational Preschool

Nicole Morris
Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services
Nominated Supervisor

Date Joined: 1989

Nic is our Director of Dudley Street and Nulkaba Educational Preschool. Having grown up in the area and with over 29 years’ experience caring and educating children from 6 weeks to School Age within all our centres. Nic takes pride in watching our children grow from inquisitive babies into resourceful little people. Nic is passionate about our services and building collaborative partnerships with the community. Nic is always available for a quick chat if any families, or expert educators need advice! Nic makes great cakes, just ask her for one!

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Centre Manager - Occasional Care

Joanne Calabretta
Diploma in Teaching (Bachelor of Education)
Nominated Supervisor

Date Joined: 1985

Jo is passionate about children learning through play, Early Education and Care. As Centre Manager, Jo ensures that families, children and educators are happy, safe and supported and that children’s learning is continuously extended.  If you are interested in hearing further about quality care and education, make contact with Jo and she also makes the best Cuppa around…

Support Team

luke - Our Team


Luke Campbell

Date Joined: 2018

Luke has been a Chef for over 20 years and in this time 10 years has been spent in Early Childcare. Luke loves cooking for the children and creating healthy meals for the children. Some people just know him as Chef Luke!

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Chef's Assistant

Gwen Ziebarth
Chef’s Assistant

Date Joined: 2018


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Client Services

Lauren Evans
Cert IV in Business Admin

Cert IV in Human Resources

Date Joined: 2017

Lauren is the “go to” for the team for admin enquiries. Lauren has learnt from Dianne on how to multitask such as answering calls, processing pays, binding enrolment books and helping families at the reception with their ever challenging CCS enquiries at all the same time. By the way don’t bring your dog in the office as Lauren gets no work done!

Dianne Scutt - Our Team

Client Services

Diane Scutt
Cert 50001 Typing

Masters of Everything

Date Joined: 1986

Diane has been a part of the organisation for over three decades now in a range of different roles from Admin Coordinator, Board Director to Childcare educator. Diane is known for her skills at multitasking with the famous old story of Diane feeding a baby, answering the phone while rocking another baby to sleep all at the same time.

kate archer - Our Team

Client Services & Brick Engineer

Kate Archer
Printing and Graphic Arts Cert II

Digital Art & Media Cert IV

Date Joined: 2018

Kate is the newest member to the team and is a master Graphic Designer! Kate is another master at multiskilling so in one hand Kate has the phone in her hand assisting a family with an enquiry and in the other hand Kate is designing something for one of the team! Don’t give Kate a camera as she also has qualification and experience with this area as well!

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Cleaning and Maintenance

Craig Thomas
Cert 50000 in Lawn Edging

Masters in Cleaning

Date joined: 2013

Craig is our expert cleaner and maintenance contractor. Craig and his team are kept busy maintaining all our centres. Regardless if it’s a mop or an electric drill, Craig has all the handy solutions and equipment to deliver on what needs to be done! In Craig’s spare time he is prioritising his to do lists as they keep getting bigger with all the ideas the Team Members are coming up with!

denika - Our Team

Educational Practice Facilitator

Denika Green
Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood)

Date Joined: 2018

Denika has been an expert educator for over 6 years and over this time her commitment and passion has seen her progress with many opportunities in the sector. Denika is a very busy person, recently completing her Bachelor of Early Childhood and she has recently arrived back from educating and caring for children in a remote Aboriginal community in the Kimberley’s of Western Australia. Denika is very passionate with supporting our expert educators and ensuring the children receive the best possible outcomes! Denika always has time for a chat so why not ask her about attachment theory!

Cassie 002 - Our Team

Quality and Compliance Coordinator

Cassie Smith
Diploma in Children’s Services

Date Joined: 2018

Cassie is one of our expert educators that is multi-skilled carrying out many roles. When Cassie is not assisting the Playgroup team and carrying out her role as our Quality and Compliance Coordinator she is engaging with the children providing best practice outcomes! Cassie brings a range of experience and knowledge with over 10 years experience working with children.  Cassie has a passion for ensuring we deliver quality care for our children and families. If you have any thoughts, ideas or feedback Cassie would love to hear them.

phil - Our Team

Maintenance / Grounds / Driver

Phil Goodwin
Cert III in Horticulture

Cert II in Conservation and Land Management
Motor Mechanic  

Date Joined: 2019

Team Leaders

Jasmin Gumnuts e1530599279269 - Our Team


Jasmine Wenn
Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood)

Date Joined: 2017

Jasmine is a passionate early childhood educator whom is attuned to children’s thoughts, feelings and supports the development of a strong sense of well-being through positive, secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships. Jasmine is currently completing a bachelor of education. Jasmine believes when children engage in natural environments that challenge their knowledge and understanding, they are capable of using play to investigate, project and explore ideas.

Tracey King - Our Team

Dew Drops

Tracey King
Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood)

Date Joined: 1986

Tracey has been an Early Childhood Teacher with us for over 30 years. She particularly enjoys supporting the rapid development and growth of the under 3’s. Tracey strives to encourage all children to reach their full potential, be creative thinkers and be self-resilient! Tracey enjoys interacting with the children in the garden, learning about sustainability, science, art and storytelling experiences.

Gen Updated - Our Team

Waratah Preschool

Genevieve Styman
Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood)

Date Joined: 2017

Gen believes that all children should feel safe, secure and supported within their learning environment and they will feel more confident to explore and grow. Gen’s creative flair flows through to the children from her keen interests in exploration and problem-solving activities. You will find Gen up to her elbows in the messy activities with the children!

Jane e1532481361721 - Our Team

Blue Gum Preschool

Jane McCarthy
Diploma in Children’s Services

Date Joined: 2014

Jane’s passion for literacy and the written word drives her teaching outcomes for children. Introducing children to the world of imagination and creation is what she is best at and is always fascinated to watch the children problem solve and work their way to independence and resilience. Jane believes that as an educator she learns as much from the children as they learn from her and is honoured to be given the opportunity to help your child grow, learn and flourish.

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OOSH Coordinator

Coming Soon

Lauren Fara - Our Team

Nulkaba Educational Preschool

Lauren Fara
Diploma in Children’s Services

Date Joined: 2004

Lauren has a strong passion and love for children which is evident in her scaffolding approach to the children of the future. Lauren has been educating and caring children for 21 years and if you asked any of the children they would tell you Lauren is the best at giving cuddles and having snow fights – a real child at heart!

Selena Occasional Care e1530599212561 - Our Team

Cessnock Occasional Care

Selena Wallis
Undertaking Diploma in Children’s Services

Date Joined: 2015

Selena has a background in fine art and she is constantly thinking of new creative concepts to enhance the children’s learning. Selena prides herself on developing respectful and supportive relationships with all of the children and families at Occasional Care and is committed to providing first class education and quality care.

Board Members

Barbara - Our Team


Barbara Rodham
Approved Provider – Person with Management or Control

Date Joined: 1976

Barbara has been on our Board since 1976 and has been President since 1995. Barbara is a retired heath professional who worked for many years in Quality and Safety. Barbara has a vision that all our Centres are of Educational Excellence for Early Childhood and to meet the changing needs of our families, carers and the wider community.

Lyn - Our Team

Vice President

Lynette Nightingale
Approved Provider – Person with Management or Control

Date Joined: 1977

Lyn has been an active part of the Board for over 40 years! Lyn is an integral part of the Board and is currently our Vice President. Lyn is another person that has many stories to tell of the history of the organisation. Lyn’s association started with the centre when her children attended.

lisa - Our Team


Lisa Edwards
Approved Provider – Person with Management or Control

Date Joined: 1996

Lisa joined the Board when her children were attending as a result of moving to an area with no support networks. Lisa found that Dudley St provided her children a level of care and education that was unparalleled in the area and joined the Board to contribute so that other families had the opportunity to have their children enjoy the same level of experience.

Colen - Our Team


Colen Clenton
Approved Provider – Person with Management or Control

Date Joined: 2006

Colen has been a dedicated part of the Board since 2006, when his son Luke was at Dudley Street. Colen was impressed with the education and care that was given to his son and joining the Board was Colen’s way of giving back. Colen is a Toolmaker and runs his own business, and he loves bringing his business management skills to the Team. Colen is our Treasurer and he knows his dollars and cents!

char - Our Team

Staff Liaison Officer

Char MacDonald – JP
Approved Provider – Person with Management or Control

Date Joined: 2014

Char has been a dedicated part of the board since 2014, when her eldest child commenced at Dudley Street and now her youngest child attends. She is passionate about quality improvement & enjoys giving back to the local community. 

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Board Member

 Jennifer Maloy
Approved Provider – Person with Management or Control

Date Joined: 2018

Jen is another valuable Board Member who felt she would like to give something back to helping the centre, as she has two Children attending our services. Jen is very busy person working as a Registered Nurse and she also has an MBA, which is very helpful in assisting the centres to be the great places they are. In her spare time Jen loves to spend time spending her time with her family and horses.